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About The Therapist

Pascal Wagenvoort., born in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1968. Having an education in hospitality & catering, he worked at top restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Switzerland.

With a love of giving massages, he followed his passion to complete a course in sports massage. Expanding his repertoire, he studied various forms of Shiatsu massage, including the Namikoshi, at the European Shiatsu Academy, of which he is still a member.

Together with his wife, they started a beauty and massage institute in 2000 in Holland, where with continuous training, deep tissue treatment was added to his expertise.

Medical Shiatsu

Originally shiatsu was used to keep the body healthy. However, in time, the treatment was proved to be a powerful tool in aiding bodily sickness, injury and recovery.

Translated shiatsu means "finger pressure". The therapist uses only his fingers and hands, no mechanical apparatus or medicines are used. This pressure is adjusted in response to the reactions of the treated points in order to bring curative relief to the affected areas of the muscular, hormonal and/or nervous systems.

When the therapist applies pressure to the pressure points he receives through touch information on the condition of skin, muscles, body temperature and other pertinent factors, thus allowing diagnosis and treatment to be performed at the same time.

Shiatsu is suitable for everyone, offering release from pain and even total cure in a wide variety of cases: migraine, heart disease, insomnia, chronic exhaustion, whiplash injury, structural and hormonal problems and numerous other complaints. Very often, however, the client’s imagined source of the distress is incorrect and the therapist must find the real root of the problem in order to treat it. Shiatsu is quite a turn-about for those of us who are used to viewing medicine in the Western manner: treating symptoms instead of cause.

With many types of Shiatsu, Pascal favors the Namikoshi approach, as it uses direct finger pressure to the meridian points, thus allowing the body to react directly through reflexes and eliminate, through the bladder, the toxins that the body accumulates.

A fully trained shiatsu therapist can distinguish between the healthy points and those requiring treatment by the sensitivity of the point. Shiatsu helps the client achieve the maximum potential of the self-healing powers with a curative relief to affected areas of the muscular, nervous and hormonal system.

There are no side effects to Shiatsu, because pressure is adjusted to feel comfortable to the client. Healing is achieved through non-evasive manipulation.

Cosmetic Massage

Cosmetic Shiatsu places more emphasis on the skin and the different skin problems that can occur. The fundamental approach of cosmetic shiatsu is the recovery of the normal functions of the skin with a balanced distribution of energy, visible in a relaxed and equal colored skin.

The Japanese philosophy is achieving and keeping a beautiful, healthy skin is looking for a balance between overactive and underactive aspects of the function of the skin. These aspects can be restored and balanced with cosmetic shiatsu.

The massages have a dual result:
- a physical treatment of the skin
- an inner reaction direct on the energy balance in the body, related on the functions of the skin

The skin is the mirror of all functions of the body. So it’s obvious not only to take good care for the skin but also to stimulate from the inside through effecting the energetic working of the inner organs.

Deep Tissue Treatment

Deep tissue treatment works by breaking down the adhesions of muscle, ligaments and tissue, so there is a better flow of blood and thus can alleviate the pain and restore normal movement.

Deep Tissue massage is able to break up tissue from previous injuries, improve the blood flow so that nutrients and oxygen can nourish the tissue. Inflammation is caused by build up of toxins which block the blood flow.

Being properly hydrated before your massage and drinking plenty of fluids after, is essential to a good treatment.

Your muscles will feel sore immediately after the treatment which then goes away after a day.

It is important to breathe deeply during the massage, to oxygenate the muscles. Do not plan any heavy activities after a treatment.

Testimonials & Prices

My body feels much lighter after your massage. The stiffness in the neck has all but disappeared and the stiff left shoulder has much greater mobility, whilst the pain in the right hip area has diminished hugely. A result I have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. Lymphatic drainage is really important here and it seems your Shiatsu massage is first rate. There are many body workers out there but very few I would refer to. Please consider yourself to be one of the few. Blessings A.B. – Koh Samui

Pascal’s deep tissue massage was able to penetrate the muscle and break down the adhesions. The blood flows again and I have great range of movement and am pain free You certainly have the strongest thumb in the spa business. Your Shiatsu was amazing as well. I count you as one of the best. JL- Spa Guru.

Treatment Prices

In office treatment

Medical shiatsu session 75 USD
Deep tissue treatment 75 USD

* After 5 treatments 10% discount
* After 10 treatments 20% discount

Cosmetic shiatsu 45 USD

Home, hotel or resort treatment available with additional charge of 20 USD


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